You have probably heard of this modality, called “tantric massage”, it is important to first know what tantra is.

Tantra comes from Eastern philosophy and refers to the development of the spirit of each individual. Therefore, tantric massages have as a special objective, liberating the spirit and its own expansion. In addition to this type of massage, there are also other disciplines or modalities such as yoga and tantric sex.

In India, you can count on a tantric massage with the help of our call girls in Mahipalpur. Its main characteristic is that both whoever receives it and who offers it are naked, to achieve a better sensory perception and greater pleasure. 

It must be clear that the main objective of these sessions is not to obtain or seek an orgasm, but that the purposes of the massages are broader, in terms of learning to better know your body, erogenous zones, and the physical and spiritual well-being of comprehensive way.

Although body contact is more common, this being the basic technique by Mahipalpur call girls, variations can also be experienced with the use of delicate materials such as silk, cotton, or feather fabrics, to maximize perceptions and take better advantage of the massage.

This type of massage is ideal for couples, especially for those who want to get out of the routine a bit and ignite their desire for each other, which may be diminished.

In the event that a man receives the massage from Call Girls in Delhi, his Lingam, which is nothing more than his male member, must be stimulated. While if a woman is the recipient of the service, her Yoni will be stimulated (in this way the female organ is called).

The origin of tantric massages in India dates back to the Hindu traditions related to the Kama-sutra, which are approximately 1,800 years old.

A practice that has become very fashionable:

Indian philosophies have been penetrating different cultures, adapting part of their doctrine and thought, based on the union of physical and spiritual dimensions, so it is not surprising that these practices are being seen more naturally here.

In addition, it should be noted that these tantric massages by Delhi Call Girls can be very beneficial to treat some conditions of sexual dysfunction, transforming the mood and motivations of individuals.

The types of massages:

If you decide to live this gratifying and phenomenal experience, at our Noida Call Girls, you can find out about the types of tantric massages that you can request. Coordinating a session is very easy and you also have the total discretion of the case.

If you do not have much time but you need a while to disconnect and be able to regain lost energy, this deep tantric massage will work your most sensitive points with some modern techniques, using special oils and with the masseuse’s own body.

The Antra Karma refers to a light massage where the masseuse will use parts of her body and Lingam techniques are used. Meanwhile, the Antra Shiva is an intense massage by our Call Girls in Noida with which you will find total relaxation. This includes mutual massage, prostate, and Lingam techniques.

The Antra Kundalini massage is 4 hands, as far as double pleasure is concerned. It is an extravagant massage with which you will surely achieve more than one orgasm. The Tantra consists of a massage for two people, it is designed for couples, with which they can learn special techniques that they can then apply in privacy.

Bindu tantra uses various positions, exercises, and massages. It is a special technique to achieve deeper erotic pleasures. And finally, the Tantra Dakini is offered, specially designed for women. There are many who today are open to living the experience, and dare to enjoy an erotic massage by seeking their own satisfaction and getting to know themselves a little more, on a sexual level.

It should be understood that these massages, even when they point to sexual stimulation, must be viewed from the perspective of Indian philosophy since they are based on knowledge of the body itself and seek to enhance the energy levels in the body.

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